Slothbucket (Michael)

Basic Details

Position: Owner
Joined Team: June 2018
Age: 23
Location: Christchurch, NZ
Occupation: Software Engineer
Hobbies: Photography, cars

Minecraft Experience

I started playing Minecraft in 2012. I started by simply building a dirt hut on a modded Minecraft server. After a while I starting building large scale modded city maps with military style bunkers, powerplants and mansions with a friend. I also built a missile launch system with a redstone computer. After this we decided to find a way to share our buildings with others. After some thought we decided to create a public Minecraft Server. I have been involved in some of the server buildings.

My role at FireForged

I have been involved in the server since day one. I have been involved in server side development. I also have been heavily involved in the development and maintenance of the website and forums. I continue to ensure website and server upkeep is kept to a high standard.

About me

I am a Software Engineer. I spend my spare time messing around with cars and shooting photos.


Discord: michael#0374