• Don’t break or steal other peoples things. Don’t build on other peoples builds without permission.
  • Don’t impersonate staff.
  • Don’t Caps spam chat.
  • Don’t exploit game mechanics to give yourself an unfair advantage.
  • Don’t advertise or mention other servers on the server chat.
  • Don’t build 1×1 towers to the sky.
  • Don’t make redstone clocks.
  • Respect others on the server.
  • Don’t complain about server lag or restarts.
  • Please keep non english chat out of global server chat.
  • No cheating or hacking.
  • No x-ray texture packs or mods.
  • No account sharing.
  • To build you must be in a faction, and have the land claimed. No building in wilderness.
  • Auto farms cannot be fully automatic. They must be activated by a player.
  • Web links outside of Fireforged Gaming Domain are not to be shared in global server chat.